• Concrete Patio Maintenance Tips

    March 15, 2023
  • One of the best parts of enjoying your Springfield, IL home is spending time on your patio with friends and family or relaxing alone. At Moss Concrete & Excavating, we understand the need to protect and preserve this little concrete-padded slice of domestic heaven. That’s why we have the tips to keep your concrete patio well-maintained and beautiful for many years.

    Sealing in Curb Appeal

    While concrete, unlike asphalt, doesn’t absolutely require sealing, it helps protect it and safeguard any colors or tints you may have applied to your patio. If you aren’t sure if your original concrete was properly sealed, the Springfield, IL concrete installation team at Moss Concrete & Excavating is happy to examine the state of your current patio and make suggestions and recommendations. A layer of sealant helps not only maintain water resistance and reduce cracking and wear but also keeps tints and coloring vibrant as well.

    Add Some Flooring to Your Flooring

    Outdoor rugs and floor coverings are an excellent way to introduce seasonal color and style to your residential concrete installation, but they serve another purpose, too. That extra layer feels great underfoot, but it also protects your concrete surface from wear and tear. This is especially useful in seating areas, under outdoor coffee tables, and so on, as it will help buffer the increased foot traffic from family and guests. If you do happen to see some larger scrapes and scuffs, call our team at Moss Concrete & Excavating to ask about a repair or resurfacing options for your Springfield, IL concrete patio.

    Be Mindful About Cleaning Routines

    Many chemicals and solvents that work for other materials, such as tile and wood, aren’t appropriate for the structure and makeup of concrete. Make sure that any cleaning chemicals you use are appropriate for concrete, and spot-test a small, inconspicuous corner to check if you aren’t sure. If you plan on using a personal power washer or power washing service, ensure the PSI is within the appropriate recommended range for your concrete, tinting, and sealant; once again, if you aren’t sure, spot test to check the effects. This will prevent unnecessary fading or damage during your normal upkeep and cleaning schedules.

    Open Up an Umbrella or Awning

    As with most outdoor home features, continual sun exposure can age surfaces faster than intended. Unlike commercial concrete locations or a parking lot surface, you have the option of adding an overhead cover for additional protection. Consider adding features like a retractable awning or a large cantilevered umbrella to your patio space to shield against the sun. Combined with professional concrete patio installation or upgrades from our team at Moss Concrete & Excavating, you’ll have an outdoor space that will be the envy of your neighborhood.