• How to Know When Your Driveway Needs to be Replaced

    July 15, 2022
  • Your driveway is one of the most used surfaces on your property. From reliable parking space to your yearly yard sales, driveways are an important feature of your home that must be maintained to ensure its longevity. However, overtime without the proper maintenance can require your driveway to be replaced entirely. If you’re wondering just how far gone your driveway is before replacement, keep reading our blog below and constantly our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL to get a free estimate on our driveway replacement services.

    Large Cracks

    Are you tired of the worn appearance of your driveway? Have large cracks in your driveway created unstable parking conditions for your vehicle? Regardless of how long your driveway has been forming deep cracks in the foundation’s surface, Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL is here to help. Large cracks in your driveway don’t happen overnight – in fact, they start as small, barely noticeable cracks until constant use and weather conditions affect the durability of the surface. Our team specializes in concrete replacement services for residential properties to restore the look of their property. Call us today if your driveway suffers from large cracks in the surface.


    Large potholes and cracks in a residential driveway in Springfield, IL that needs to be replaced by professionals.Potholes in driveways form over a long period of time when a small crack is left unattended and spreads to other areas of your concrete. Once the small crack is consistently disrupted by daily use, weather changes, and pests, the concrete will separate and eventually break, creating a dangerous and unattractive pothole. If you’re tired of looking at the pothole in your driveway or have already learned the hard way what kind of dangers they create, give our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating a call. Often potholes resort to having your entire driveway replaced and repoured; however, our Springfield, IL contractors will ensure repairs can be done before suggesting replacement.

    Drainage Issues

    You may not think that a driveway can drain leftover rain or melting snow from its surface; however, without proper drainage your driveway will start to deteriorate. If you notice that your driveway is collecting water in certain areas of the concrete surface, contact our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL. We offer reliable concrete restoration services to fix your driveway’s drainage issue. To prevent having to replace your driveway completely, be on the lookout for pools of water forming on your concrete and give us a call immediately for a free estimate.

    Old & Worn Appearance

    A beautiful house in Springfield, IL with an old and stained driveway that needs to be replaced by professionals.The appearance of your driveway matters more than you may think. If you’re trying to get your home ready to sell or are looking for ways to upgrade the curb appeal of your property, replacing an old and worn driveway is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home. No longer will you need to worry about tripping over a pothole or crack to get to your front door – drive on a smooth surface that looks and feels brand new. Our contractors at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL offer reliable driveway replacement services for your residential property. Get a free estimate today when you call 217.953.4142.