• Tips for Choosing A Fire Pit & Patio for Your Backyard

    May 15, 2022
  • The fall and summer seasons are where most families and friends make their greatest memories. Sitting around a warm fire as the leaves change or having a barbeque on the back patio on the hottest days of the summer are something every homeowner dreams of when thinking of their perfect backyard space. At Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL we are here to offer tips for choosing the perfect fire pit and patio for your property! Keep reading our blog to learn four things you should make sure to consider before installing a concrete patio.


    The location of your concrete fire pit and patio is probably the most important tip our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating can give homeowners. Before finalizing on a design, first, choose where exactly you want your patio and fire pit to be placed on your property. Do you want your fire pit at the center of the patio? Off to the side for multi-purpose uses? Or are you wanting your pit completely separated from your patio for dual entertaining spaces? Our team in Springfield, IL will survey your property before laying a concrete foundation to make sure that the location of your patio and fire pit is exactly where you want to complement your backyard space.

    Make Room for Everyone

    circular concrete patio and fire pit installed by professional concrete experts in Springfield, IL with black patio furniture.One of the reasons you most likely want to invest in a concrete fire pit and patio for your backyard is to have a comfortable and fun space to spend time with family and friends. Whether you have a few close friends that you entertain regularly or dozens of family members and neighbors that you have over every weekend, it’s important to take your guests into account when choosing the perfect design for your property. Making room for everyone on your patio and around your pit is important so that no one ever feels left out or unwanted. Our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL work with you to choose a design that works best for your lifestyle and entertaining needs.

    Wood, Gas, or Both?

    Next, choose how you would like to build your fire pit – are you interested in placing a gas line on your property for instant fire access? Or are you excited to install a concrete pit to create a fire the old-fashioned way with wood? Depending on which option you choose can increase the amount of time it will take our contractors at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL to install on your property. Gas line installation can be a pricy upgrade; however, we specialize in excavating services that make it easy for gas lines to be placed under your concrete patio. For a free estimate on our fire pit and patio installation services, give us a call today!

    Schedule an Initial Consultation

    A beautiful concrete patio and fire pit installed by professional concrete contractors in Springfield, IL.If you are interested in installing a concrete fire pit and patio on your property in Springfield, IL contact our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating! We work with homeowners to choose the style, design, placement, and color of their concrete patio and fire pit to give them a unique space to entertain family and friends in the summer and fall months. Our contractors have years of experience installing concrete on residential properties and offer free consultations to ensure we are on the same page before breaking ground for your project. Call our shop today at 217.953.4142 for a free estimate on your fire pit and patio installation.