• Top 4 Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns in 2021

    December 15, 2021
  • Stamped concrete is by far one of the most popular patio options for homeowners in Springfield, IL due to the affordable price and incredible results. From a variety of colors to patterns imitating stone and wood, our stamped concrete services at Moss Concrete & Excavating are here to give you insight into the top 4 most popular stamped concrete patterns of 2021 to choose from for your home.

    Ashlar Slate

    Ashlar slate concrete is a pattern that our contractors seem to install the most of. It includes traditional square and rectangle-looking bricks that are purposefully uneven to represent the uniqueness of specific stones. This pattern can be paired with a variety of colored concrete and sizes depending on the types of stamps offered at your local concrete company. At Moss Concrete & Excavating, we offer a variety of customizable pattern options for your concrete in Springfield, IL.

    A wood-stamped patio made of concrete for a residential property in Springfield, IL, and installed by professional contractors.Wood Plank

    Believe it or not, there are stamps out there for concrete to make it look like your patio is wood. This is an extremely popular option for many modern homeowners in Springfield, IL, and comes in a variety of plank options that are between 12 inches – 16 inches wide. You can even imitate specific wood designs like maple or walnut wood that are common in the Springfield, IL area. If you’re looking for a unique pattern for your 2021 concrete patio, reach out to our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating today.

    Seamless Slate

    A seamless slate pattern is a perfect option for homeowners that are looking to add a subtle yet unique pattern to their patio’s concrete. Not only does this pattern give your patio a luxury feel, but it can be great for a variety of areas surrounding your home including your walkways and pool decks. This pattern highlights the color of your concrete by creating almost marble-like imprints that can be kept in solid slabs or broken up into more distinguished sections looking like bricks. Moss Concrete & Excavating is here to help give you a seamless slate patio in Springfield, IL.

    Grey stamped concrete in the pattern of Arizona flagstone that is made to look like multiple rocks in Springfield, ILArizona Flagstone

    Arizona flagstone is another extremely popular stamped concrete pattern for residential homes in Springfield, IL. This pattern makes your concrete surface look as though it were made of individual pieces of flagstone. Colored to match the traditional shade of an actual stone, this pattern is popular for homeowners that are looking to create a more dramatic and unique patio section for their property without spending thousands of dollars on actual stones. If you are interested in an Arizona flagstone pattern for your patio, give our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating a call at (217) 953-4142.