• Concrete Edging: Ideas for Your Residential Landscape

    August 1, 2021
  • Are you wanting to revamp your landscaping with the help of concrete? Concrete edging can add a great touch to your landscape! The great thing about concrete is that there is a large variety of things you can do with concrete to create visually appealing landscape edging. Sometimes all you need to complete your beautiful landscaping is by adding creative edging around the perimeter of your garden, patio, or lawn. At Moss Concrete & Excavating, we created a list of some great edging ideas that would add a nice touch to your lawn. Contact us today at (217) 741-2039 for your free estimate on adding concrete edging to your landscaping!

    Stamped Concrete Edging

    There are many benefits to choosing concrete as your landscaping material. Concrete is durable, has a long lifespan, and looks great! Stamped concrete is a fun way of adding designs and textures to your concrete edging to create an amazing look for your lawn. With stamped concrete, we can make the border of your landscape look like a variety of stones or even brick! As a better alternative to stone or brick, concrete can be made to have the great look of stones or bricks with the benefits of concrete. There are endless possibilities when it comes to stamped concrete!

    Concrete corner landscaping edging installed for a residential property by a concrete contractor in Springfield IllinoisConcrete Corner

    Are you wanting a more modern and industrial look to your home’s landscaping? Concrete corner edging can add a stylish yet minimalist look to your landscaping. With the sleek look of concrete, adding concrete corners to your garden or flower beds will give your lawn a classy and modern look to your home. The industrial look has become very popular over the last decade and can increase your home’s curb appeal tremendously. Our team of professional concrete contractors at Moss Concrete & Excavating can install quality concrete corner edging to your home.

    Poured Concrete

    With Poured concrete, the possibilities for concrete edging are endless. With the process of pouring concrete, you can create any design you imagine. Whether you want curves or corners around your lawn’s landscaping, or want to create fun designs for your flower beds or garden, poured concrete is the choice for you! With the durability of concrete along with the endless possibilities for concrete edging, poured concrete edging can be a great choice for almost any edging project!

    Concrete sharp-edged lawn edging on residential patio installed by concrete and excavating contractors in Springfield, IllinoisSharp-Edged Lawn

    Another great modern and minimalist design is the use of straight edges and angular corners for your concrete. This design would be perfect with a concrete patio and with concrete walkway slabs. By only using concrete slabs and turf, you can create a wonderful sleek look for your lawn. Whether you want to create this sharp-edge look with artificial turf or your real lawn, it is best to use lush and full grass to create a flawless look. Without the help of additional concrete edging, sharp-edged landscaping creates edging with the use of flat concrete patios, walkways, driveways, and more that are surrounded by clean-cut grass.