• Springfield Illinois: Everything You Need to Know About Picking & Installing A Concrete Patio

    March 1, 2021
  • Are you looking to install a concrete patio in your front or backyard in Springfield, IL? The experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating have over 35 years of experience in the concrete business and a reputation for quality and affordable work. Patios are a great space to entertain with family and friends, providing the perfect relaxation space that can even add more value to your home. However, before deciding on the color and design of your concrete slabs, there are a few important questions that homeowners should be asking before breaking ground. Keep reading below to hear the top questions that aspiring patio owners should ask or consider before installing a concrete patio.

    How Much Is My Concrete Patio Going to Cost?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions that homeowners desperately want to know before installing a concrete patio. Unfortunately, we cannot give every one of you an accurate number in a short blog. However, we do know that a standard concrete patio, at or around 200 square feet, can easily average to around $1,000. So, if you have a large backyard and are wanting an 800-square foot patio, expect the bill, depending on the material of your patio, to be around $4,000. At Moss Concrete & Excavating, we offer affordable concrete patio installation services in Springfield, IL.

    Modern concrete patio with blue, yellow, and purple living room patio furniture in residential home’s backyardHow Big Should My Concrete Patio Be?

    This is a great question to ask, especially since there are no two homes that have the same measurements and space. The first thing to determine before taking measurements is to decide what exactly you’re wanting your patio to be used for. Is it going to be an extra dining space for you and your family? Are you only wanting it for entertainment purposes? Or are you doing it entirely for the curb appeal and to increase the value of your home? Every answer will shift how big or small your patio should be. Luckily, our experts at Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL are here to help.

    Outdoor dining patios usually range from 12-14 feet, entertaining patios range much bigger at 16-18 feet, and your standard patio for sitting and relaxing can be anywhere from 2-6 feet. What are you looking for in your concrete patio? Contact us today and our staff would be happy to help!

    Why Should I Choose Concrete?

    So you may be thinking, why should I choose concrete? Why not any other of the vast materials that are on the market? All in all, concrete is the most durable form of patio material and can be installed quicker than most other options. Your patio will last upwards of 25 years before needing to be inspected or even repaired. Not to mention we offer a variety of colors and designs to make it look flawless against your home. Call Moss Concrete & Excavating at (217) 741-2039 today for quality concrete patio installation services in Springfield, IL.

    Professional concrete patio contractor installing small slabs of grey patio concrete into a residential home’s backyard.Should I Hire A Professional?

    While it may seem like installing a concrete patio is a simple process that even an amateur can complete, it is not. Laying concrete takes years of experience that only a professional can conduct perfectly, and that is why we recommend always hiring a professional to complete your concrete jobs to ensure that you get the best results possible. Call Moss Concrete & Excavating in Springfield, IL today if you are looking to install a concrete patio for your home!