• How to Winterize Your Garage Floor

    January 27, 2020
  • garage winterization 101 Springfield, IllinoisSteps to Winterize a Garage Floor in Springfield, IL

    With the winter season in effect, it’s imperative to take the steps necessary to prepare your garage for cold weather. Doing so keeps the frigid temperatures outdoors from affecting the temperatures indoors. When you leave the comfort of your home to enter the garage, you’re not welcome with a blast of cold air. You’re also able to protect your vehicle better if you have concrete garage flooring or epoxy flooring that you’re working with.

    Garage Winterization 101

    If you’ve never had the experience winterizing a garage before, you may not be aware of what steps are necessary to do so. To help you through the process, we’ve created this short guide for you to help you. That way, if questions arise while winterizing the space, you’ve got access to the answers you need to proceed with the process.

    The steps to winterize a garage floor in Springfield, IL is as follows:

    1. Thoroughly clean the floor to remove stains. A simple solution of soap, vinegar, and warm water often do the trick. It works well to remove salt stains caused by treated roads and winterizing your garage floor Springfield, Illinoisparking lots. Using a hard bristled brush allows you to get a good scrub going. You’ll want to thoroughly rinse all the remaining residue off the floor, however, with a mop. That way, you can carefully remove all cleaning products off the surface of the concrete or epoxy. It allows you to get a better look at the flooring to see if there are any cracks present.
    2. Seal all cracks. If the floor inside the garage has seen better days, it’s time to treat it to seal up cracked areas quickly. The type of flooring material, concrete or epoxy, will determine the materials used to seal the problem areas. You’ll find products made specifically for the different flooring materials.
    3. Apply a sealant to finish things off. It acts as a barrier to keep materials from seeping into the floor. A sealant also makes it easier to clean the garage floor and prevent accidents from occurring due to slick substances such as oil or antifreeze. If you have pets that could potentially lick up the pools that have dripped or leaked onto the floor, the garage must get a thorough cleaning regularly.
    4. Repeat the steps every winter. You’ll be better prepared for the season that way. Make sure to clean the flooring, fix all cracks, and seal things up as soon as fall arrives and before winter sets in. That way, you and your family will enjoy a cleaner, safer garage that is ready for the coldest weather. They won’t step into the space to get into the car and realize just how frigid and uncomfortable it is.

    Winter can be harsh on you, your garage, and ultimately your vehicle. By taking the steps necessary to protect your property from the bitter cold, you’re also making it more comfortable and safer for your family to leave your home, too. When your spouse is packing up the baby and hurrying the kids out the door to go to school, they won’t freeze the way they would if you hadn’t bothered to winterize the garage.

    Keep Your Garage Nice and Warm in the Winter

    Winterizing a garage floor in Springfield, IL, has its advantages. Not only does it keep you from feeling uncomfortably cold while waiting for your vehicle to warm up, but it also prevents damage from occurring to your automobile while it sits inside the garage. You’ll experience fewer mishaps involving your car, truck, van, or SUV thanks to the precautionary measures you took to winterize your garage floor. For more information about how to winterize your garage, contact your local professionals at Moss Concrete & Excavating.