• How Can Decorative Concrete Improve Home Value in Springfield Illinois

    December 23, 2019
  • Ways that Decorative Concrete Can Improve Home Value in Springfield Illinois

    Escalating costs of building materials have made many properties and homeowners to introduce innovative home improvement designs to fit in. As various ideas keep coming up, they will be compelled to search within their tastes and preferences to come up with something that increases the quality of life. Here are some decorative concrete ideas that can improve the home value.

    driveway decorative concrete in springfield illinois

    Stamp the concrete driveway

    First impression matters, which is why your driveway shouldn’t have a boring finish. Stamped concrete form state-of-art patterns into your freshly poured concrete. Add tonal variations through different colors to bring a personal touch to it.

    Texturize the finish

    If you can’t afford a stamped and colored concrete driveway, then adding a textured finish can add elegance to it. Try adding a broom finish to the plain concrete to add texture and contrast using fine lines on the surface. Alternatively, you can add an aggregated finish by removing the top layer of concentrate to reveal the coarse surface underneath.

    Interior concrete flooring

    Ever thought of adding concrete flooring as an interior space idea? Believe it or not, they create the best alternative to tiles and the likes. Bring out its best side, adding nice colors to replace the old boring and grey. If you can afford polished concrete, then this is the best time to put this idea to good use.

    Etch it

    Did you know acid wash can be used to accentuate your concrete? Not only will it improve its appearance of natural stone or granite, but it will also make your floor look unique. Polishing can transform an ordinary piece of concrete into an eye-catching site.

    Use it on your countertop

    decorative concrete countertops in springfield illinois

    Out goes the granite kitchen countertops and in comes a concrete countertop. Do not be mean with colors as you spruce up your property. Work your way with colors that match your kitchen’s accessories. Get a reliable concrete contractor to seal it completely.

    Concrete forms one of the best building materials when it comes to increasing home value. The fact that it has been around for years is a clear revelation of how important it is to concrete contractors and homeowners. Whether you are building your house for the first time or refurbishing specific areas, you do not need to use boring ideas. Springfield, Illinois home improvement specialists can help transform your ordinary-looking home into a masterpiece. So, here is the chance to achieve your dream.