• Here’s how you can boost that property value at your home

    In Central IL, July is a hot month for real estate. Buyers are trying to find the perfect house and outbid the next person and sellers are trying to maximize their returns. One way that you can maximize what you get out of your house is by making home improvements that add value and function. While it’s not for certain that anything will actually represent a bump in the sales price of your home, there are certain things you can do that buyers value and are willing to pay more for. Here are a few things that you can do that may help you increase the property value of your home in Central IL.

    new driveway for increased property value in Central Illinois

    New Driveway

    One of the most common things we do to help improve the value of a home is to replace the driveway. While this may seem like a rather boring improvement, it’s an expensive one that a new homeowner may not have the money to do themselves. However, by doing this before a buyer sees the home, you may be able to bump up the sales price an extra couple thousand. New buyers may be more motivated to go above their price range a little bit if they’re moving into a home that’s been properly maintained and repaired over time.


    Add a Patio

    A patio is a desirable part of the home for many new buyers. When people view homes, they try to picture themselves there with family and friends. By installing a new patio, you’re giving prospective buyers the vision of enjoying the beautiful weather, cooking out with family and friends and have a beautiful outdoor space that they can use for a wide range of purposes.


    Add Landscaping

    While most landscaping probably won’t raise the home value that much, it could help improve the curb appeal of the home, which makes prospective buyers more likely to pay near the selling price rather than try to underbid. Refreshed mulch or newly planted flowers can add the curb appeal you’re looking for to boost interest in your home.

    added parking can help raise property value in Central Illinois

    More Parking

    Another thing you can do is add more parking. While we’ve already covered a new driveway, this is more of an additional driveway. It’s especially valuable if you have a crowded street and parking space is at a premium. Being the only home on the block with parking space to spare could give you a leg up in the real estate market!


    Talk to your Realtor

    The easiest thing that you can do to improve the value of our home is to speak with your real estate agent. They’ve got the insight on houses for sale in your area, what other houses are lacking and what you can do to make yours more desirable!