• Ways to customize and improve your driveway in Central Illinois

    June 24, 2019
  • Here’s what you can do to customize that new driveway!

    When we think of driveways, we think of the standard gray concrete driveway that almost everyone has outside their homes. However, did you know that you’re not resigned to another boring driveway? You can actually spruce things up with style, color and texture options that bring your home mass appeal without driving up the cost. Don’t sit by thinking you don’t have other options to improve the curb appeal of your home, and call a local concrete contractor that can perform the services that follow in this article!

    colored concrete driveway in Central Illinois

    Customize the Color

    The first option you have to customize your driveway is by changing the color. While we always think of driveways as gray, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we can use stained concrete to make your driveway any color that you want. From an old, brick red for a historic restoration to hues of purple and blue to make it pop, the color potential is endless with stained concrete options from Moss Concrete & Excavating!


    Customize the Texture

    Another option you have to customize your driveway is the texture. While there aren’t tons of options here, there are a few things you can choose from. Choose a smooth texture that’s easy on bare feet and fluid surface for other activities.  You can also choose to have your driveway finished with a mag swirl or broomed finish that makes your driveway a non-skid surface for rainy, snowy and icy days!


    custom concrete driveway patterns in Central Illinois

    Customize the Surface

    It’s not just the texture of the surface that you can customize, but you can also customize the surface itself – here’s what we mean. First, you can choose stamped concrete, which is an overlay that’s applied before the concrete dries. It leaves the surface with any of these available patterns such as herringbone, houndstooth and others. However, you can also try a different surface such as exposed aggregate. This is just like concrete except it has larger granules of rock and stone that are visible. Stamped overalls can still be applied to exposed aggregate driveways!

    Customize the Design

    It’s not just in the color and the texture that you can customize your driveway. You can also customize the design. Sick of having to park cars on the street? Want more room for the kids to shoot hoops? Customize the design of your driveway to allow for more space and more usability!