• Here are some of the unique ways you can customize with concrete!

    stamped concrete patio Springfield Illinois

    When it comes to your home, it probably seems like there’s a never-ending list of repairs and improvements that need to be made. Unfortunately, there probably is. One common area of upkeep for homeowners in the Springfield Illinois area are their concrete surfaces. Due to the old nature of the town, many people have concrete driveways and surfaces that should have been replaced years ago. However, when it comes time to replace, people always want to know what their options are – nobody wants to replace a boring gray driveway with another boring gray driveway. With that in mind, here are all of the ways that you can customize your concrete and all the ways that you can use concrete to customize your patio!

    Surface Options

    The first place you can start when thinking about concrete customization is the surface. There are a couple of different options here, and it’s all about your personal preference and your personal style. Read below about the following options for replacing the concrete at your home or business in the Springfield Illinois area.

    • Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete is a pattern that’s pressed into the concrete before it dries completely. It provides the look of a natural stone or other patterns that give the concrete a beautiful finish and raise the appeal of the home. There are a variety of stamped options from natural stone to natural wood stamps; there’s something that fits everyone’s style.
    • Exposed Aggregate – Another option is exposed aggregate, which is like concrete with larger granules. In exposed concrete, you’re able to see large pieces of rock and stone that give any surface a decorative look. However, exposed aggregate can be painful if you fall on it, and it’s an uneven surface for driving, bike riding and other outdoor activities.

    Color Options

    Another option you have for customizing your concrete is to use stains that add pops of color to what would otherwise be boring gray surfaces. From a border around the pool deck to a patio that’s colorful and unique, you can stain your concrete virtually any color!

    concrete texture options for patios in Springfield Illinois

    Texture Options

    You also have texture options when it comes to your new driveway, walkway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio or other concrete surfaces. You can choose a smooth texture or a rough texture such as mag swirl and broom finishes that make the surface non-skid for wet weather!

    Extra Features

    You can customize your concrete, but you can also use concrete to customize your home. While it’s traditional to use concrete for a driveway or patio, it can also be used for a pool deck, stairs, a garden path and much more.