• Central Illinois Real Estate: How a new driveway can sell your home

    April 22, 2019
  • Here’s how a new driveway will make your home more appealing

    new driveway home sale central il

    It’s April in Central Illinois, which means people all over the area are ready to hit the ground running for the summer real estate season. If you’re buying a home, the influx of new homes means there should be plenty to look at. If you’re selling, it’s important to make vital improvements to keep your home competitive against other homes in your neighborhood, town or region. One home improvement that could add big value is a new driveway. While this may seem like an odd idea at first, there are a few good reasons that this could actually help your efforts to sell your home. Read on for more details about the benefits of a new driveway!

    Physical Appeal

    The first benefit of a new driveway is the ability to add that element of physical appeal. Whether you opt for the classic gray poured concrete driveway or you choose to add decorative concert elements such as stained or stamped concrete. The physical appeal could elevate your home against other homes for sale in your area. When it comes down to it, will they choose your beautiful stamped concrete driveway or the broken pile of rocks down the road? You’ll have to let them decide.

    Money Saving Improvement

    Another benefit that home buyers will see is the money savings they’ll get by purchasing a home with a brand new driveway. Pouring a driveway is expensive, but it’s an expense that buyers may be willing to pay a little extra for. While it may only represent a small part of their monthly payment, it could add thousands on to the final sale price of your home, and they won’t have to spend their own money on it anytime soon.

    new driveway home for sale

    Competitive Edge

    Your driveway could be the difference between selling your home for asking price or selling your home above asking price. Having a driveway that’s physically appealing and won’t need to be replaced is extremely valuable. Home buyers will notice the driveway and realtors will be sure to point it out as well.

    First-Impressions Count

    Finally, it’s important that home buyers get a great first impression of your home. Unless you’re listing the home as a fixer-upper, home buyers will see a busted driveway as the first of many expenses. This is a bad way to start an open house. A home with a new driveway and well-manicured landscaping will make a great first impression, which makes buyers more receptive once they get to the inside of the home.