• How a New Driveway can Benefit your Springfield Illinois Home

    February 25, 2019
  • Here’s how a new concrete driveway could benefit you


    As homeowners, we know it’s a constant process of improvement and maintenance to finally get the home that we like. We redo our kitchens, make bedrooms larger, knock out walls and renovate entire floors of our homes. However, sometimes cosmetic things aren’t the best thing that you can do for your home. When was the last time you evaluated your driveway, walkways or sidewalks? This is a change that can bring just as much value to your home as any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Read more below about the benefits of a new concrete driveway.

    Increased Curb Appeal

    One reason that you’ll love a new concrete driveway is the increased curb appeal that your home will enjoy. Even a basic concrete driveway can make a home look clean and well-maintained. By adding stamped and other decorative concrete options, you can send your curb appeal through the roof, becoming the envy of all your neighbors.

    Increased Home Value

    You’ll certainly love the way that your new driveway looks. However, if you’re selling your home or thinking about selling your home, you’ll also love what your new driveway will do to your home value. The amount your home value will increase depends on the homes around you, the age of your home and other factors. Old homes with cracked, worn driveways that must be replaced soon are going to see a larger bump in home values than newer homes.

    Improved Safety

    Whether you’re worried about children tripping over cracks in the driveway or aging gracefully in your family home, driveways can actually be pretty hazardous. Over time, large cracks and other damage may form due to weather, erosion and other factors, causing safety hazards for anyone that walks, runs, plays or otherwise hangs out in or around your driveway. Not to mention, it’s a liability to have a dangerous driveway.

    Limit Damage to Vehicles

    Think of your tires. While this may seem like a marginal benefit, it’s something that could help you out. Large cracks and other damage to your driveway can cause extensive damage and accelerated wear to tires of all sorts of vehicles. A new, smooth driveway limits the damage and ensures regular wear on your vehicles’ tires.