• Is a Concrete Patio Right for Your Springfield Illinois Area Property?

    September 24, 2018
  • Why should you go forward with a concrete patio?

    concrete patio Springfield IllinoisIn the past decades, wooden patios have been seen as more trendy by homeowners than concrete. However, today, many people are shifting to having their patios made out of hard materials such as concrete. This is out of the realization that concrete has quite a number of benefits unlike wooden decks that need regular replacement due to damage caused by rotting, splintering or infestation by termites. In addition, homeowners who have installed wood patios have to contend with the expenses of staining and resealing from time to time. So, what benefits do concrete patios offer that can make any homeowner favor a concrete one over a wooden option?

    Versatility of concrete

    Concrete is so versatile, a quality that allows it to be molded to any shape. If you are a homeowner who wants to have a unique patio that has a distinctive shape from those of your neighbors, all you need is the services of concrete contractors. With concrete, you do not have to worry about the limitations of your backyard space or curves that might be setting you back from having that perfect patio shape.

    Concrete lasts longer

    The durability of concrete is another attractive feature. Concrete has the capacity to offer strong resistance to adverse weather conditions. In order to increase durability of concrete patios, concrete companies need to clearly understand the weather conditions of the region they are working in.

    Easy to maintain

    Unlike wooden patios that need regular staining and resealing, or paver patios whose sand-filled joints allow the sprouting of weeds or grass, concrete patios are made of a solid surface that makes them much easier to maintain.

    Conserves the environment

    walk out concrete patio Springfield IllinoisThe maintenance of wooden decks often requires solvent-based wood stains and sealers, which are obtained from trees. This poses danger to forests.  Concrete patios are durable and minimal repair is required after a long period of use. Therefore, homeowners who opt to install this type of patio do not just conserve the environment, but also save on expenses incurred on regular maintenance.

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