• Use a concrete patio to maximize your outdoor living space

    concrete patio in Springfield Illinois

    You probably are aware that your concrete patio can be an extension of your home. Your patio adds to the usable living space and can multitask as a space for cooking, entertaining or lounging. During summer, you and your family will probably want to spend all of your time outdoors. Your patio should feel like a room that you would like to spend time in. Therefore, you should treat it with care while designing the space as well as selecting accessories and furniture. Here are tips on how to get the most out of your patio.

    It’s not all about the grill

    As much as you desire to have the best and biggest grill on the market for your patio, you should not make it the centerpiece. Ensure that you keep the grill mobile and out of the way. You can even opt for a built-in one at a discreet location in your patio.


    Avoid putting concrete floors everywhere without considering how it fits into the rest of the landscape. However, you should be realistic since landscaping maintenance costs can quickly escalate. You can opt for planters since they are preferably flexible and cheap.

    concrete patio slabs in Springfield Illinois

    As large as possible

    If you are using stone pavers or poured concrete, design the patio to be as large as possible. Expressly, if you want your patio to multitask as a kitchen or dining area you will need enough room to move your furniture around. You will not need too many transition areas such as gravel edges or stairs that may create tripping hazards. You should know that people’s eyes tend to stop where there is a change in the surface such as from grass to paver patios. By extending the concrete patio space as much as you can, you will make it appear larger than before.

    Built-in seating

    You can significantly maximize your concrete patio by opting for built-in seating. It is the best way to have outdoor furniture without having to purchase individual benches or chairs. Concrete companies can help you pour concrete or concrete blocks and later add outdoor pillows and cushions.

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