• Consider Concrete for your Office Flooring!

    concrete office flooring in Springfield Illinois

    Contrary to what you might think, having concrete floors in your office doesn’t have to mean you’re working on a sidewalk. From small office spaces to sprawling multi-story buildings, concrete is the last word in durability, cleanliness, and customizability.

    Impervious longevity

    Polished concrete won’t scuff or wear thin. You can’t rub dirt into it, and unless you’re really trying, you aren’t going to crack polished concrete. Whether your office currently has laminate, vinyl, or carpet flooring, concrete will outlast them all!

    Low maintenance

    When you install concrete floors, you can put your vacuums, rug cleaners, and mops away. Most polished concrete floors only need a simple dust mop to keep them clean.


    Concrete floors can feature a wide array of different finishes, including some that appear identical to hardwood, or even polished marble.

    On top of that, it’s easy to display a company logo or company colors in a polished concrete floor. Whether you’re just trying to upgrade your floors or make a statement, concrete flooring is the best way to take your office to the next level without having to pay next level prices.

    Quick installation

    Concrete floors can be installed quickly. In many buildings the concrete floor hiding underneath carpets or hardwood flooring can be used, meaning the contractor won’t need to pour concrete and can focus entirely on making the concrete finish perfect. Less installation time means more time available to work. On top of that, concrete is so solid you won’t need to worry about flooring again for years to come!

    Fully functional

    In office environments, concrete floors function well. Employees can easily and quickly move around the space on swivel or office chairs, especially in comparison to carpet. Additionally, employees can wipe up spills or mess at the end of the day.

    Moss Concrete & Excavating

    Moss Concrete & Excavatingpouring office flooring in Springfield Illinois has been THE name in concrete companies for the past 30 years. Their expertise ranges from beautiful concrete flooring to construction and excavation. Whatever your concrete needs are, Moss Concrete & Excavation can easily handle all aspects of the project.

    Businesses or individuals who are ready to make the switch to concrete flooring or need any other general purpose concrete work done can go to mossconcrete.com to request an estimate and find out why Moss Concrete & Excavation is one of the highest rated concrete contractors in the Springfield Illinois area. Customers can also call (217) 953-4142 to get their concrete projects started.