• Non-Slip Concrete Products: Concrete Steps in Springfield Illinois

    March 26, 2018
  • concrete products in Springfield IllinoisOut of all the concrete products available, flooring and stairs have the most risk of slip and falls. While a set of decorative concrete stairs can add great visual appeal to your home, dirt, debris, and bad weather can make them hazards to family and visitors. There are many options, however, for making your stairs safer while keeping their aesthetic style. While your local concrete specialists can take a look at your home and give you specific ideas, here are some general solutions to make your concrete stairs less slippery.

    Concrete products can be a slippery slope (literally)

    The real culprit in this issue is not the debris, water, or ice that accumulates on top of your concrete, but the lack of friction between the concrete and your shoes. The simplest solution to adding this necessary friction is to add finish to your concrete as it is setting using a broom or trowel. Dragging these items across your wet cement will add a textured finish, giving your shoes a porous material to grip to. Sprinkling rock salt to the top layer of concrete before it has cured also accomplishes this. After drying, the rock salt will wash away, revealing another porous texture. If you are looking for a smooth-cured look, however, these options may not be ideal for you.

    concrete products for non-slip surfaces in Springfield IllinoisIn this case, there are a variety of gritty substances that can be added to the concrete’s final sealant. Experts often suggest a grit made of ground up polyethylene as the best solution, as it is virtually transparent. It also stays suspended throughout the sealant, which means as wear occurs, new grit will always become exposed. Additionally, other grits used include silica sand or aluminum oxide, but these materials will affect the concrete’s appearance. Finally, take advantage of non-slip solutions for your steps. These include anti-slip tape or paint, although these will obscure the decorative nature of your concrete products.

    For more detailed explanations on decorative concrete, Springfield Illinois area residents can contact the specialists at Moss Concrete and Excavating.