• Concrete Design to Enhance Your Home Style

    February 26, 2018
  • Accentuate your Home’s Style with Decorative Concrete!

    concrete design in Springfield Illinois

    Have you been looking for trendy new remodeling ideas to give your home an updated look? Decorative concrete design is a great addition to any style of home, adding color, texture, and pattern options at sensible prices. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas of how Springfield, IL residents can incorporate decorative concrete into their home styles.

    Coastal Style Homes

    These homes utilize clean floor plans, large or numerous windows, and outdoor living spaces. Colors for these homes typically reflect a beach setting, with ocean blues and sandy beiges. Concrete designs for these types of homes would reflect those colors, and could include embedded seashells in countertops, a concrete fire pit, outdoor rockscapes, and stamped concrete flatwork in slate or flagstone patterns.

    Country Style Homes

    These homes typically have a casual, farmhouse appeal with a large front porch and pitched roofs. Natural materials such as cedar or wood siding accented by stone or rough-hewn timbers are most often used. For this style, indoor concrete floors can be stamped with a wood plank pattern for a low-maintenance flooring alternative. Concrete countertops and sinks give a country kitchen effect as well.

    Bungalow Style Homes

    Bungalows can be tricky to define, but they are typically smaller square footage one or one and a half story homes with low pitched roofs and handcrafted details. For these homes, accent walls, columns, and fireplaces stamped or sculpted to imitate natural stone would work well. Also, because hand crafted details are a staple for bungalows, the sky is really the limit as to the creativity of the concrete design.

    Spanish Style Homes

    concrete design for patios in Springfield IllinoisUsually found in desert-like climates, these homes feature heat-blocking materials such as stucco, masonry, or adobe. They also feature courtyards, decorative columns, arches, and tile roofs. There are many patterns of stencils and stamps to coordinate with these houses tile roofs for indoor or outdoor flooring. Also, these houses give plenty of opportunity for inviting swimming pools and outdoor living spaces.

    These are just a few of the ways in which a well-crafted concrete design can enhance your home’s natural style. Homeowners in the Springfield area can contact Moss Concrete for more information on decorative concrete and its home renovating possibilities.